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SystemOne┬« is a registered trademark of SystemOne Technologies Inc., Miami, Florida

Northwest Equipment Specialists, Inc. has been factory authorized to sell and service SystemOne Parts Washers since 2006.

SystemOne Parts Washers are proudly made in the U.S.A.

SystemOne Patented Recycling Process

Transfer Process  (4 minutes)

1.  Dirty solvent flushed into the distillation chamber

2.  Clean solvent transferred into wash basin and available for immediate use

Recycle Process  (4 hours)

3.  Dirty solvent heated under vacuum to vapor point

4.  Solvent vaporized

5.  Oily residue separated from vaporized solvent for periodic removal

6.  Solvent vapors cooled back to liquid state in condenser

7.  100% pure solvent returned to reservoir and available for continued use